Code of Conduct

SFQ Swimmer & Parent Code of Conduct

The following standard of behaviour is expected by all Swimmers and Parents/Guardians.

  • All attendees to show appreciation and respect for all pool rules (such as showering before entering) and other people using the facility.
  • The swimmer is not permitted to enter the water until instructed to do so by the Coach, at the start of the lesson. Upon completion of the lesson, swimmers must vacate the pool. 
  • Outside of the lesson time, SFQ will not take any responsibility of your child.
  • Please leave any questions for the coaches for after class. They need to focus on all swimmers in the programme. A time can also be arranged to discuss any worries or concerns.
  • Swimmers must arrive with correct equipment and on time and ready to start the lesson at the allotted time. No time will be added to the end of the lesson for late starters.
  • A late swimmer must notify their teacher of their arrival.
  • Parents must sit away from the pool deck whilst their children are having lessons.
  • Swimmers must wear correct swimwear and wear a swim cap.
  • If a swimmer is not potty trained they must wear a swim nappy in the pool.
  • Parents to encourage your child to abide by the rules of the instructors.