Swim Program Q&A

The parent/guardian1. Does my child need to wear goggles?

This is a personal choice. Swim goggles can make a child feel more comfortable, whilst learning to swim. However, is is not essential. Our coaches will conduct some activities without goggles to aid water safety.

2. Will my little child be safe in a group lesson?

Yes most definitely. We consider safety our top priority. Instructors are trained to have all children within eyesight at all times when in the water. All classes have a low teacher student ratio.

3. What is likely to happen in a lesson?

Each swimming lesson has it's own set of objectives to enable the child to practice every skill needed to progress through the levels.

4. Will my child learn faster in a one-to-one class? Will it be less fun?

Children all learn at a different pace and favour different environments. Children often enjoy group interaction and will be encouraged to progress alongside thier friends.

5. My child still cannot swim without a float is this normal?

Everyone learns at a different pace and in different circumstances. We have all ages in various levels and programs. We place emphasis on your child’s safety and enjoyment in class so that they build a strong passion for swimming and the water.

6. My child is making little progress what can I do?

Try to go swimming as a family so they can play and have fun whilst practising what they learn in class.

7. Can I drop my child at class and return later?

The parent/guardian is the sole adult responsible for your child at all times. Parents/guardians must support our coaches by ensuring they are on time for the register and they leave promptly at the end of the lesson, for the instructor to prepare for the next class.

8. What happens if I miss a class?

Please see Rules & Regulations section for more information on catch up classes.