Adults Swim Programs

Not everyone had the opportunity to learn to swim as a child and some adults have never even been in a pool, river, lake, or the sea. Others may have learned some skills, but haven’t used them for many years and want to improve their skills and knowledge about water safety, as well as staying healthy and fit.

SFQSwimSquad offers aquatics programs for adults of all abilities and backgrounds, by providing lessons and facilities for casual swimming in an encouraging and social atmosphere.

Beginners Adult Swim

This level is designed for adults with little or no experience and who want to improve confidence levels in and around the water. These classes will provide an understanding of the basic skills required for water awareness, aquatic safety and swimming such as floating, kicking and breathing and will enable to swimmers to swim at least half a lap of proficient freestyle, backstroke and survival strokes.

Adult Swim Progress

This more advanced level is for intermediate and advanced swimmers. It will further extend your swimming endurance, refine stroke technique and sculling skills to better ensure safety levels in a variety of different aquatic environments.

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