Swim Programs Babies & Toddlers

Aquababies and Aquatots classes are great for your little one to become fully adjusted to the water and feel comfortable. Starting at an early age and continuing year round classes ensures your child is equipped with the skills they need to discover the magic of water, safely. Parents are required to be in the pool for water for these introduction and familiarisation classes, due to age and cognitive abilities.

You’ll be amazed at what your baby and toddler will learn and achieve at this level. Here at SFQ Swim Squad we offer swimming lessons as soon as a few months, based on thier vaccination history.

Aquababies (Up to 1 year old)

FUN is the prime importance at this age, as they blow bubbles, kick, float and jump in the water.  Parents will enjoy this bonding experience mentored by our experts to build water safety, confidence, strength and coordination, which will give you the ideal tools to take home and practice anytime.

Aquatots (Level 1 and 2)

At this level we improve orientation and water familiarization, as you play games, sing songs and share lots of giggles back floating, lightly ‘submarining’ and understanding water safety techniques. Level 1 is up to 2 years old and Level 2 over 2 years old.