We offer lessons for infants, children, teens and adults. The cost of each lesson is based on the duration and of each term.

Once registration and assessment is complete, you proceed to make  payment online.

Please note that registration will be cancelled if payment has not been received before first day of your lesson.

  • Fees indicated are per person and per session
  • Total fees are calculated per term
  • Fees must be paid in in advance, on a full per term basis
  • Payment must be made before the start of class. You can pay online, but also cash and credit card with the Swim Coordinator.
  • Payments must be made to the Swim Coordinator only and this is followed by a receipt. You will receive an email payment confirmation for your records shortly after payment has been made.


Fee Schedule Table

Spring Term 2016 - QR1500 (2 x Week) 825 (1x Week) Term Runs 10 April - 25 June)